The Most Powerful System To Generate
Income On Auto Pilot

Video Auto Profits - Easiest Way To Generate Monthly income

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Finally! Top Video Marketers Reveal The System Which
Is Generating Monthly Income On Auto Pilot...

Are you ready to really learn a system which really does deliver month after month,
and is so simple to set up, you would of never believed it unless you see it yourself?

Well, we have put together the most comprehensive video training system which not
only has been getting results for us but listen to this...

Over 90% Of Instructors Are Making Sales With There Courses As Well!

Now this isn't some kind of click 2 buttons make 1 million dollars system, but it is
almost that simple and really does generate you money online and that's
why we're super excited to bring to you... Dum da da da

The reason why this system works so effectively  is that we are leveraging traffic from
some really high trafficked sites...

Plus not only that, we have discovered an incredible way to monetize your content
on complete auto pilot!

Think about getting paid for every minute your video gets viewed, and I'm not
talking about YouTube.

Well that's just one of the amazing features we teach you within Video Auto Profits!

Here's What You're Going To Learn:

Section 1 - Ideas Lab

In this first section Josh shows you inside his own Udemy account and how he has been making sales. Then he takes you through and shows you an easy way to get some great ideas for your video course and how to get it all planned and ready for section 2 video creation!

Section 2 - Video Creation

Now it's time to begin creating some training videos, this is where it gets really fun! Josh and I show you exactly how to create training videos and make them look really professional. Even if you've never created a video before you will be able to create amazing training videos after you go through this section. We show you how to create screencast videos, on camera stand up videos and how to brand them like a pro!

Section 3 - Udemy Rocket

Once you've got your videos ready now we can begin getting them live on our first site Udemy! This is very easy to do and you get a look over the shoulder as Josh shows you step by step how to get everything set up. Once it's set up there are a few important things you need to do to make your course a hit and this is where Josh shows you the exact process he and other top marketers are using to make sales month after month on complete autopilot.

Section 4 - Auto Profits

Hmm... What shall I say? This is probably the easiest way of generating money online that you would have ever seen! By easy I mean, 20 minutes work and you're done. Seriously! And not only will you get paid for every minute someone watches your videos, but, you will also get paid month after month on auto pilot! Josh shows you inside his account and how much money he has been earning with this! You won't believe it and how easy it is. Plus he shows you over the shoulder how to set it up so you can begin adding a full proof stream of income to your business right away!

Peep inside the Member's Area

We've Also Got Some Very Valuable Bonuses!


Tablet Video Product Creation

“How to save money and make Video Training even EASIER with just an iPad” The Internet video & audio pro will train us on using many “apps”to make training videos including Doodlecast and PDF Converter, Intro Mate, and many more!

Easy Video Auto Profits Course Planner

Easily Plan Out Your Course

You also get the easy to use video course planner. This is simply an easy to use resource document which helps you to get your course planned out more effectively so you can get it done super fast!

I always plan out my video courses and I thought this would make it a lot easier for you also!

Ok, so I'm sure you're eager to get started, but to give you even more
confidence that we know you're going to love this and get results, I have
also added in a complete 30 day money back guarantee!


Video Auto Profits - Easiest Way To Generate Monthly income

Pricing Increasing In